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Discipleship Ministries

Hillcrest offers a broad range of Discipleship Training opportunities, listed below.  If you would like to register for one of the classes, click the "Register Online" link for the course you have selected.  If you have questions, please contact the church office (512-345-3771).

New H.I.L.L. Classes
The Hillcrest Institute of Lifelong Learning (The H.I.L.L.), kicks off the Spring semester on February&rbs;10 with a great lineup of Christian growth courses. You may register online beginning now! You can check your transcript and diploma status HERE.
Class Descriptions



Loc: A166
Starts: February 10, 2019 (9 weeks)

This 9-week class is an in-depth, biblical-based financial stewardship course. FPU teaches you how to manage money using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace video course. You’ll learn practical skills to reach your financial goals and experience genuine financial peace.

Led by Gene Chappell. (Cost: $100)


Loc: A160
Starts: February 10, 2019 (12 weeks)

This class is intended to get you started with speaking in sign language. The class will cover the basics of ASL including the manual alphabet, numbers, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, finger spelling, and Deaf culture.

Led by Marilyn Monroe & Philip Cornejo, Jr. (Cost: Free)


Loc: C136
Starts: February 10, 2019 (14 weeks)

Join ACTS! (ANCHORED IN CHRIST, TESTIFYING THROUGH SONG!) This is our kids’ music and theater group. If you're interested in joining in on the fun and are Pre-K through 6th grade, you are welcome!

This year's play: High in the mountains in the impenetrable Agape Fortress, General Agape has called the mighty Agape League together to solve a crisis in Suburbiana City! Calling on the super-powered fruits of the Spirit available to every follower of Christ, these heroes must also face an enemy within their own ranks. Want to know more? Come join us!

Led by Jaime Babcock. (Cost: Free)


THE ANCHOR COURSE 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Loc: Fellowship Center
Starts: March 3, 2019 (9 weeks)

The Anchor Course is a study designed for those exploring the Christian faith and for those explaining the Christian faith. Using the Apostles Creed as an outline, The Anchor Course seeks to explain what Christians believe in language that every person can understand and relate to.

Led by Pastor Tom Goodman. (Cost: Free)

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